Cirrious clouds +on the cusp +glazed sky

Cirrious clouds. My name for dubious cirrus clouds. The ones that are likely manmade. These are the kind of clouds that develop when chemtrails  spread out and merge with adjacent trails. No doubt chemtrails were sprayed earlier this morning. It’s 8:30 now. An occasional trail still appears here and there.  Like the faint trail running diagonally in the lower center of this photo.



There were more trails throughout the day yesterday. Mostly in the southern sky. As today. The north quadrant of the sky is virtually free of chemtrails. I saw one or two outside my north facing window. It was only when I went outside around 3:00 PM that I could see there were quite a few chemtrails to the south of here. I appear to be located on the cusp of the current operation.


Glazed sky this morning, like a sheet of frosted glass, being refurbished with fresh chemtrails. 7:30 AM.


2:00 PM.



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