Clouds +chemtrails +sharp edge +sprayed like roaches


Clouds. The cloud cover is breaking up. It was completely overcast this morning, but now the clouds have broken down into soft edged cumulus fluffs against a pastel blue background, and the sun is shining brightly. Quite inviting just looking out my window. But it’s cold. Twenty-nine degrees. 12:00 PM.


Well, I knew it wouldn’t be long. I don’t really know if it started yesterday. I wasn’t able to observe after my 12 o’clock observation. But this morning, around seven, I saw a linear cloud just above the northern horizon. Faint against a bleached out sky. Could have been natural. Maybe. Sometimes natural clouds are linear in appearance. As I prepared to go outside for closer observation another linear cloud appeared adjacent to it. Now I was pretty certain it was a chemtrail. It was only when I went outside that I could see massive already spreading chemtrails overhead. The couple of chemtrails in the north were only the tip of the iceberg. Several chemtrails had already been sprayed south of here and had expanded into wide gossamer swathes. Judging by the extent to which the individuals trails had dispersed, it appears that they had been systematically laid, in east/west orientation, beginning in the south and progressing northward, line after line.

Spreading chemtrails. 9:30 AM.

WIN_20150203_092614   WIN_20150203_092631

Look at that sharp diagonal across the center of these photos. Natural clouds don’t do that. It’s like it was drawn with a ruler.

At 5:15 PM. The sky is glazed like this all over. This is the area of thinnest coverage  in the west. Most of the rest of the sky is completely whited out  where these nebulous clouds have coagulated into a streaky white sheet. They’ve been building up this artificial cloud cover all day. I wonder if that is why my throat is scratchy. The stuff they are spraying up there inevitably comes down here. And we breathe it. They are spraying us like roaches.




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