Chemtrails resume +grey violet ribbons +filtered sunlight +rain +engineered cloud cover?

Finally! Earlier this morning, out my north facing window, I saw a short chemtrail. It was faint against the background of a pale hazy sky, but it was definitely a chemtrail. Now, at 8:50, there are several long spreading chemtrails. The interlude is broken. What’s it been? Exactly one week since I last spotted a chemtrail. And that’s not necessarily because there haven’t been any. The sky has been primarily overcast this week, as it has been for most of the month. Those days it has been impossible to tell if they were spraying above the clouds. But on the two or three days that were not completely overcast, there were no visible chemtrails. Today, it is a different story.

WIN_20150128_090744 WIN_20150128_090849WIN_20150128_090727





Notice how the widest chemtrail just happens to cross the face of the sun? Too frequent to be a coincidence.

The trails waned in the middle of the day. At one point there were none to be seen at all. But later the traffic picked up again, creating a lattice like cloud cover of intersecting trails. These softened and merged into grey violet ribbons in the twilight sky. 5:45 PM.


I didn’t have a chance to take a picture of the web work of chemtrails that stitched the sky this morning. By noon they had spread out and merged into a soft streaky canopy of translucent clouds, enveloping this entire area. This artificially created  cloud layer is so thin that the sun behind it is still capable of casting shadows. As I often say about this configuration, the sun resembles a light bulb behind a lamp shade. Alas, the phenomenon of a rainbow ring around the veiled sun did not occur this time. 1:30 PM.



Some chemtrails this morning. Not many. I think of these as touch up flights, replenishing the aerosol plasma that hangs over the area as evidenced in the hazy paleness of the sky. 11:00 AM.


Overcast. Lots of overcast days the past couple of months. Engineered?



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