A day without chemtrails +and another? +rain +ambient aerosols +another +bingo!

A day without chemtrails is like…???…rare. Actually we may have just had several days here in Metropolis without chemtrails. The sky was overcast on Thursday and Friday. So there still may have been chemtrails coursing above. No way to tell. But yesterday was perfectly clear. Yes, the sky was pale and you could see that there was a haze in the air if you looked into the distance, but there were no clouds. And no chemtrails. A fairly rare occurrence. Though it is not always the case, on perfectly clear and cloudless days like yesterday, one can usually expect to see chemtrails appear before the day is out; especially if a weather front is anticipated. But, yesterday, there were none. And clearly a weather front moved in overnight because we are overcast again this Sunday morning and there is medium light rain. 10:30 AM.

By noon, that cloud cover had broken up. The sun coming out here.


Almost completely dissolved less than a half an hour later. I say “dissolved” purposely because what this morning’s cloud cover has left in its wake is a pale blue sky, as if the clouds had melted, diluting the blue of the sky, much as cream might lighten coffee. Again we have an empty light blue canvas for the chemtrailers to etch, identical to yesterday’s. Will the sky lines be drawn today? Or will today be another of those rare days? A day without chemtrails?

2:30 PM. When will I ever learn? Another wave of cloud cover and light rain has moved in. The weather changes like –well– the weather. An hour and a half ago I was sure this was going to be a sunny day. Probably should pay more attention to the TV weather man. He predicted partly cloudy skies with rain later on. I was just thinking it would be much later.  It’s really starting to come down now. 2:45.


Yet another day without chemtrails. Nevertheless the sky is full of these soft edged cumulus clouds. WIN_20150126_132221

As I have noted before, cumulus clouds that are dissolving around the edges is an indication that the clouds are interacting with ambient aerosols; aerosols that linger in the air long after chemtrails have been sprayed. This otherwise invisible aerosol plasma that is perpetually floating  in the atmosphere is primarily detectable by the ubiquitous paleness of the sky. That paleness is ambient aerosols. 1:30 PM.


Yet another day without chemtrails. I guess the planes are off creating weather somewhere else.


Finally! Earlier this morning, out my north facing window, I saw a short chemtrail. It was faint against the background of a pale hazy sky, but it was definitely a chemtrail. Now, at 8:50, there are several long spreading chemtrails. The interlude is broken. What’s it been? Exactly one week since I last spotted a chemtrail. And that’s not necessarily because there haven’t been any. The sky has been primarily overcast this week, as it has been for most of the month. Those days it has been impossible to tell if they were spraying above the clouds. But on the two or three days that were not completely overcast, there were no visible chemtrails. Today, it is a different story.

WIN_20150128_090744 WIN_20150128_090849WIN_20150128_090727





Notice how the widest chemtrail just happens to cross the face of the sun? Too frequent to be a coincidence.

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