Filtered sunlight +sun ring +pic

There is a certain irony I feel when watching the local weather on TV.  Earlier the weatherman said that there were a few clouds. He didn’t mention them at all  an hour later, but the icon accompanying his forecast indicates a sunny day ahead. And unlike an hour earlier he  did not show a picture of the current sky. If he had it would have shown the sun shining alright, but through a sheet of translucent clouds. These things –it’s hard to call them clouds, they are so thin- these demi-clouds and the chemtrails from which they are made are all over the sky. So thin and translucent, the sun beams right through them. If it were not for the fact that the sun beams right through these “clouds”, you would have to call this a mostly cloudy day, rather than a sunny one. The proverbial filtered sunlight. 9:30 AM.


(Yes I am finally able to post pics.)

2:30 PM. The sky is almost entirely covered by this translucent film, thicker in the southern hemisphere than in the north. The sun beams from behind this film like a light bulb behind a lampshade. And the sun has a now familiar faint rainbow ring around it. I wonder what the weatherman is saying now? “Hey, folks, it’s a nice demi-cloudy day outside. Go out and take a look at the rainbow around the sun”.




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