Sickening +chemtrail cocktail +various aerosol mixtures +how long? +No chemtrails + A bit of stealth chemtrailing


Chemtrails.  All over the sky this afternoon. No other clouds but the spreading chemtrail residue. Sickening. 2:00 PM.


Extensive chemtrailing this morning. 9:30. Numerous ones streaming over the northern hemisphere of the sky. The southern half has already merged into a solid translucent sheet, filtering the light of the sun behind it. The sun has a faint rainbow encircling it, indicating that this intervening sheet is made up of light reflecting particulates, likely metals, aluminum and barium, which are prime ingrediants of the chemtrail cocktail.

Evidently various aerosol mixtures are being used today. Some trails dissipate within minutes. Some spread into ever thinning wide swathes. Some hold together for an hour or more acting as a scaffolding occasionally augmented by shorter lasting trails. 12:30 PM. The sheet of translucent clouds I saw earlier has slid further south, surrendering the sun. The trails in general are melting softly into a pale homogenized blue.


Overcast skies. Clearing in the evening.


Not a cloud in the sky. How long before chemtrailing begins?


No chemtrails sighted the past three days. Skies clear but pale. Cold temperatures moderating.

5:00 PM. The chemtrail lull has ended. Today the sky was clear until this evening. Now there are numerous wispy clouds in the sky and there are several active trails. These dissolve in minutes into a soft linear haze and similar short lasting trails are likely the source of the swirly nebulous clouds  floating across the sky. A bit of stealth chemtrailing, I would say: creating these nebulous clouds with minimal evidence of chemtrailing.

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