Obama’s Legacy ?

I’m thinking this morning as I crawl into another day of sameness and routine, questioning whether the majority of us even question anymore, what will be the legacy of Obama. George Bush on steroids, more wars, even less accountability in our government, and some health care for some? And since he’s the personification of the complacent, ‘go along” American, he’ll just drift through and out of history pretending something of positive import happened on his watch. 
   But imagine if it’s WWIII. And he did nothing to stop it, but actually encouraged it because he led from behind and he allowed political forces to control his basketball court, his pretentious paradigm of action for real life.
   In 1939 the forces of fascism in Europe were well underway…Hitler in Germany, Franco in Spain, Mussolini in Italy.
   Today the forces of fascism are visibly ensconced at the door step to every home and cardboard enclosure of every American seeking shelter on the sidewalks of our streets.
   For those whose eyes are too flushed over and crusty with sleep, take note: the supreme court of the united states of america has enshrined the first and most basic law of fascism, the rule of the corporations over the People, in “citizens united”.
  Perpetual wars, the legacy? Banksters who pay fines that are pennies on the billions stolen fraudulently? The fabled American reputation for Good shattered by the state sanctioned practice of Torture and Execution Killings of children who got in the way by Drones? The wistful ghost of the Middle Class? The tattered and bleeding carcass of the People’s Commons_that which we collectively own…public schools, libraries, clinics, functioning infrastructure, national parks that are being gutted for the extractive minerals the Corporations greedily want, the earth soil of America seeping with carcinogenic residues from fracking, poisoning our drinking water, depleting the nutritive capacity of waves of grain and fruited plains?
   Are we all being so dazzled by our corporately produced media extravaganzas of sports and music and obscene images of wealth that we fail to see the oozing poisons creeping into our American culture? Is Obama so caught up in his own personal, miniscule footprint on the planet that he too is blinded and escapes rather than engages the dystopian nature of our existences?
Great points. But I have to quibble about this statement regarding an impending WW III: ” encouraged it because he led from behind “. Obama didn’t just encourage nor was he leading from behind. The destabilization of Ukraine appears to have been a calculated act planned by this administration. If any act can be said to have created the current crisis it is this. Therefore Obama didn’t just encourage it or neglect to try and stop it. He instigated it.

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