Extending the cloud cover +Dozens of chemtrails + A patchwork of artificial clouds

Extensive chemtrailing this morning. The sky was full of spreading trails and thin milky clouds an hour ago, but the sun was brightly piercing through. Now heavier banks of clouds are moving in from the north and from the west. They are relatively thick and may be natural. More likely these heavier clouds are mixtures of natural clouds and chemtrails sprayed north of here. The TV weather map confirms that clouds cover a vast amount of area to the north and is obviously spreading this way. These early morning chemtrails seem to have been purposed with extending the cloud cover blanketing much of the nation’s heartland. 9:00 AM.

9:30 AM. That didn’t take long at all. Except for a patch of blue on the southwest horizon, the sky is completely overcast. I imagine that this process has been going on all month long. It has been a very overcast period. Dismal cloudy skies have been the norm. Today’s observation indicates that this month’s almost constant cloud cover may have been deliberately engineered.

12:00 NOON. The boundary of cloud cover has shifted back to the north somewhat. More blue sky is visible in the the southern quadrant. This area seems to be on the cusp of the cloud cover extending from the north. The sunshine has reappeared beaming through the southerly perforations. Also in that portion of the sky are numerous chemtrails, working diligently, apparently, to augment this cloud cover and extend it southward. I can see the sun fading behind these artificial clouds even now, in the short time it took me to write this paragraph. 12:10.

The thicker cloud cover from the north has completely receded. The sky is instead  inundated with chemtrails. Dozens of them crisscrossing the entire visible sky. Dozens! You can’t count them, as they layer across one another and spread out in all directions, but there is no way that there could be this much normal air traffic in this area, even if you believed the myth that these lines are conventional condensation trails. These are planes flying back and forth across the sky spraying enormous amounts of  anomalous aerosols. Dozens! Perhaps more than a hundred spreading chemtrails overhead. 1:30 PM.

These became patches of variously textured clouds and streaks in the evening sky, with chemtrails still streaming, radiating out of these cloud masses here and there. 4:30 PM

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