Watch: How Ellen DeGeneres’ Dance Dare Got a Black Man Thrown to the Ground by an NYPD Officer

YouTube personality Alexander BOK attempted Ellen’s #DanceDare behind the wrong officers.


Alexander BOK shown here executing Ellen DeGeneres’ #DanceDare behind a New York Police Department officer.YOUTUBE

An Ellen DeGeneres dance challenge, which centers around people doing fun dances behind unsuspecting strangers, took a brutal turn as a fan attempted to dance behind a New York Police Department officer who didn’t take kindly to his moves.

Like a bad scene out of Footloose, the Free Thought Project notes, YouTube personality Alexander BOK danced behind several folks before attempting the #DanceDare behind an officer on Christmas Eve. The officer busts BOK, who, according to video footage posted by the Free Thought Project, readily admits that he was dancing, to which the police officer replies: “F–k you doing behind me?”

BOK is then pushed against a police van and surrounded by three officers, and the following exchange can be heard:

Officer: “Are you f–king kidding me? What’s wrong with you?”

BOK: “I’m dancing.”

Officer: “What are you dancing in the street for?”

An officer’s hand appears to grab BOK’s neck. An officer asks again, “What the f–k is wrong with you?”

A fourth officer joins the fray.

During the altercation, the video fades to black. Words appear on the screen indicating that BOK explained to the officers in detail exactly what he was doing, but that they continued to insult him. The video then continues:

Officer: “Are you f–king kidding me, Bro? Are you a f–king a–hole?”

Two more officers join the interrogation, bringing the total number of officers involved due to BOK’s murderous dance moves to six.

The video again fades to black, with words appearing on-screen indicating that once the officers realized that they had no legal basis on which to arrest BOK, they allowed him to leave, but not before delivering one more parting shot. The video then continues and a police officer can be heard telling BOK to “take a f–king walk” before pushing BOK to the rain-soaked pavement.

Watch the interaction below. Fast forward to 2:20 to see BOK’s encounter with police. Warning: NSFW language contained in the video.  



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