Dismal weather +Filtered sunlight +Sky pale +Chemtrails +More dismal weather


We have been under overcast skies for it seems like a month now. My last chemwatch was November 10th. The weather since then I would characterize as dismal. Some partly cloudy and even pleasant days were interspersed, mostly recently, but mainly it’s been cloudy and dismal. Much like my inner barometrics, as if the dismalness permeated the soul. And the body, with various nagging health issues. We’ve been seeing partly cloudy skies with welcome doses of sunshine this week though. So far I have seen no obvious signs of chemtrails. Of course, I haven’t been outside much in the interval. And there is no telling what was going on above the cloud cover that was so prevalent these past few weeks. The sky is blue this morning (12/11), covered by a loose knit network of  puffy  “popcorn” clouds, cumulus, cirrus or both. Waiting to see how long it takes for chemtrails to appear.


There were a few clouds in the sky this morning. Now the sky is pale, I don’t know why. The weatherman’s map shows soft edged cloud cover to the west of here. I guess these nebulous clouds are melting into this area, bleaching us out gradually. They probably represent aerosols sprayed west of here drifting this way. Interesting enough, the TV weather woman is predicting “filtered sunlight” for today. I’ve seen a couple of high flyers with short trails which can be presumed to be normal contrails. I don’t know. They could just as well be stealth chemtrailers lightly touching up the pale mist that envelopes the sky. But so far there are no obvious signs of chemtrails. From the soft nebulous texture of the cloud cover to the west of us, I think that that is probably the area being sprayed at the present time. As this shit drifts our way I anticipate it won’t be long before discernible chemtrails appear.


Nope. Didn’t see any. But the cloud cover from the west blankets us today.


Sky pale. This morning. 11:00 AM. No clouds. No chemtrails.

Well there you go. The sky is full of bands of thin scraggly clouds and a half dozen or more chemtrails. Long ones. 4:15.


Medium light rain overnight, apparently. Socked in by another dismal blanket of clouds today. 12:00 noon.

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