Fascism in the 21st century.- The Seeds Of World War 3.

by Katherine Frisk

This photo comes from a Polish forum and has reposted by Colonel Cassad.

Which countries support fascism? The answer will surprise you.

On the 21st of November the UN voted to condemn Nazism, or other practices that contribute to racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

115 countries voted Yes to condemn, 55 countries abstained and 3 countries voted No against the vote to condemn.

Those 3 countries were the Ukraine, which is not surprising taking the recent events of the last year into account. Canada, which surprised and shocked many, though on further investigation we find that there is a very large Ukrainian, pro Nazi group of people in Alberta who escaped to Canada after WW2. And lastly, the United States of America.

USA may or may not surprise people, depending on how informed they about the long association between the Nazis and that country. Prescott Bush funded Hitler in the 1930’s. America has had a long association with Nazis, including many high profile Nazis who were given sanctuary in the USA after WW2, Wernher von Braun being one.The strong ties that the CIA under George Bush senior had with Nazi sentiment, and that sentiment that still continues to this day and the recent revelation in Nov. 2014, that many of these Nazis, who are war criminals and participated in Third Reich Atrocities, are still receiving US government pensions.

This raises many questions about the real nature of fascism, the USA’s very close association with Israel and now their involvement in Ukraine and brings us back to to the Holocaust. Past and present. Holocaust deniers are heard more and more often these days. But all arguments both for and against are merely a distraction from the reality of the real Holocaust that took place almost 70 years ago, and has re-emerged again in Ukraine in the 21st century.

During WW2, thirty ( 30) million people in Eastern Europe, being Orthodox Christians, Protestants, Gypsies, the deformed, the poor, etc, were exterminated as “lessor human beings,” and to create “lebensraum.” Among them were 6 million Jews.

Nobody talks about the “Protestant Holocaust,” or the “Orthodox Christian Holocaust” and certainly not the “Gypsy Holocaust,” no monuments to them, no memorial services. Instead the 30 million have been neatly packaged into a Jewish horror story of 6 million.

Holocaust denial, if anything, is clearly not anti-Semitic. It is something else entirely, covering up a genocide of monumental proportions that by and large has been ignored for almost 70 years by the West, and further clouded during the years of the Cold War when the USSR and communism became the great, and to an extent, regarded as the greater evil. No matter what you may or may not think about the USSR, it was the Russians who brought the Nazi army to it’s knees starting with the Battle of Stalingrad, in a blitzkrieg of their own, until they reached Berlin.

Many Jews who were not considered lessor human beings benefited in WW2 from the plunder that took place, with warehouses filled by the Nazis of untold wealth, art work, furniture, gold of any kind and even gold fillings from the teeth of the victims. George Soros was one of them.

At the beginning of the 21st century, it really is time the narrative moved away from the Jewish emphasis and onto the real humanitarian disaster, that has now reappeared in Ukraine. Where yet again we see a collusion between “Jews” and Nazis.

The top politicians in the Ukraine Kiev parliament are Jews. Victoria Nuland, who played a very decisive role in choosing the new leadership after the coup in February, is descended from Russian Jews who fled during the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

The thugs murdering, raping and killing the Russian speaking Orthodox Christians in Eastern Ukraine are Nazis. Banderites, many of whom are also descended from Nazis in WW2 and were followers of Bandera, a Ukrainian Nazi hero. A number of these groups are funded by a Jew, Kolomoysky. This combination runs counter to the narrative that we have been given in the last 70 years. Nazis against Jews. Jews being the victims, not Jews funding the persecutors. The narrative of the 20th century is clearly not applicable to the 21st.

In a recent interview on Hromadske TV, Bogdan Boutkevitch had this to say:

“Ok, you ask me “How can this be happening?” Well, it happens because Donbass, in general, is not simply a region in a very depressed condition, it has got a whole number of problems, the biggest of which is that it is severely overpopulated with people nobody has any use for. Trust me I know perfectly well what I am saying.

If we take, for example, just the Donetsk oblast, there are approximately 4 million inhabitants, at least 1.5 million of which are superfluous. That’s what I mean: we don’t need to [try to] “understand” Donbass, we need to understand Ukrainian national interests.

Donbass must be exploited as a resource, which it is. I don’t claim to have a quick solution recipe, but the most important thing that must be done – no matter how cruel it may sound – is that there is a certain category of people that must be exterminated.”

The resources that he is talking about, are Fracking Interests, by the likes of Royal Dutch Shell and Hunter Biden’s new fracking company. Joe Biden, his father, has played a major role in regime change in Kiev,and part of this regime change according to Boutkevitch, is that “a certain category of people that  must be exterminated.” This is fascism.

Unless we understand that the Holocaust was not a “Jewish” holocaust, but a holocaust to rid Eastern Europe of all those deemed to be “lessor human beings,” we will find ourselves in yet another quagmire of lies, deceit and a humanitarian disaster that has already unfolded in Eastern Ukraine, largely ignored by the Western media and falsely blamed on Putin.

What began in Odessa on May 2 2014, a Banderite massacre of Russian speakers, has spiralled into a civil war where over 4,000 civilians in Eastern Ukraine have been killed due to grad rocket shelling by Kiev, over 1 million Russian speaking Ukrainians have fled to Russia as refugees seeking safety and the destruction to the infrastructure of the east, homes, hospitals, schools, factories and shops now totals in the billions.

Fascism by any name, be that Nazi or otherwise, should be condemned. Of concern are the 55 countries who abstained from the UN vote. Will they in time, side with Ukraine, Canada and the USA?




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