This is how one “enlightened” site interprets the Tamir Rice police atrocity. The comment thread is just as appalling.

By freefall


This incident could easily have been avoided if either of the cops involved had an IQ above room temperature.

Here’s a thought: If you know the “criminal” is only carrying a handgun in a deserted park, why needlessly put yourself in harm’s way? Why not keep your car far enough away to hide behind with a low probability of being shot at handgun range? Then you can aim your AR-15 at him from the distance and tell him to drop the gun. If he starts shooting at you, then you can return fire.

Any criminal worth his salt would have opened fire at the cop car at such close range before they even had a chance to open their doors.

These officers are brain-dead automatons who have no business carrying weapons of any kind for fear of shooting themselves.

I sometimes wonder if these thugs can really be this stupid or are they just provocateurs being used to incite an outright racial war.

If blacks and whites ever come together and realize who the real enemy has become, there is not going to be a hole deep enough for them to crawl into to keep them safe from our wrath.


To (most of) these people, 12 year olds with toy guns are thugs. If they are black.


  1. anybody with an IQ above that of a monkey would no not to point a gun at a cop.the fbi local and even out of state cops just did a big arrest of a gang from that spot that of over 20 people for murder,kidnapping robbery ect..and that recreation center there is open when that happened .that same weekend the cops staioned some cops there and got a call of armed robbery reight across the street from there and caught the guy .that area has a high murder rate.that town is almost always in the top 10 cities for the most murders.wheres the list of whites murdered by blacks

    1. Well, that’s kind of what I mean. You provide an excellent example. I expect this perspective from other types of sites. But at so-called Awakening Sites I had expected more… I don’t know… empathy. Identifying with the other, and all that jazz. Something more zen-like.

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