Cirrious chemtrails +Filtered sunlight +Waning cloud cover

November 6 and 7. Clear skies, post rain. Thin streaky clouds covering much of the sky this morning, with texture that resembles streaming white hair. Thin streaming white hair. Similar to this:

I was going to concede that these were as likely to be naturally forming cirrus clouds as chemtrail residue, because I had seen no sign of active chemtrails. Then, in the time it took to write this, when I peeked outside again, a half dozen or so chemtrails had etched across the sky. No more than 15 minutes. There were none. Then boom, a half a dozen all at once. I have no camera but imagine the above image with six thin white lines drawn across it. 8:00 AM.

LOL! “Cirrious” clouds! That’s going to be my name for these dubious cirrus clouds from now on.

Ahem. But seriously. 10:30. The sky is completely covered with an uneven layer of translucent clouds. Filtered sunlight. Enough of it passes through that it is still able to cast shadows. Natural clouds? I don’t know. I didn’t get a chance to observe the past couple of hours. As has become apparent during my years of observation, things can happen, meteorologically, in a flash. I might have missed an enormous chemtrail bombardment in that interval. Or not. These could be simply natural forming clouds. Except that they are thin and translucent. And where they are thinnest they have the texture of smoke. Those are qualities I have come to associate with aerosol derived clouds.

The cloud cover grew relatively thick (for thin clouds). The sun was not quite able to cast shadows at mid day. Now, 4:00 PM, they have grown very thin and streaky once again. As they wane I see one massive chemtrail coursing above (or perhaps through) them. My suspicion is that there have been chemtrails coursing above the cloud cover all along.


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