Daily Archives: November 8, 2014

How the conventional media creates its heroes and villains  

Sam Smith – In recent days I found myself taking another look at two stories from the past that I had followed closely but had failed to see the connection.The first was DC Mayor Marion Barry’s drug arrest in 1990 and other stories about his drug use during that period.The other was Arkansas Governor Bill […]

Cirrious chemtrails +Filtered sunlight +Waning cloud cover

November 6 and 7. Clear skies, post rain. Thin streaky clouds covering much of the sky this morning, with texture that resembles streaming white hair. Thin streaming white hair. Similar to this: I was going to concede that these were as likely to be naturally forming cirrus clouds as chemtrail residue, because I had seen […]

The Racism of Alex Jones and Ben Stein

Alex Jones: Obama Is Promoting Black Youths To Kidnap White Girls By John Amato Ben Stein’s ludicrous assumption that Obama is the most racist president ever has inspired conspiracy huckster Alex Jones to take that one step further. He is promoting the age old racist trope that black men are coming for your white women, […]

Big Safari: A secretive and shadowy organization that has been in existence for over 60 years

Via: Vocativ: The man on the other line didn’t seem happy. “We are a secretive and shadowy organization that has been in existence for over 60 years,” he said. The man’s name is Col. Edward Topps. He’s the leader of a mysterious Air Force agency known as “Big Safari.” Last month, he called me out […]

Ancient Mysteries: Gobekli Tepe and The Ubaid Lizardmen

Gobekli Tepe Turkey Photo credit: Teomancimit Conventional archaeological thought maintains that organized religion—the building of temples and the development of elaborate rituals—was a by-product of human settlement. As humans settled down into agricultural societies, they had enough leisure time to build upon folk religion and to start more ambitious construction projects. Then archaeologists discovered Gobekli […]