A chemwatch without chemtrails +Weatherman complicity

Spectacular cloud formation. It’s like the streaming clouds I saw a couple of days ago, having the translucent fibrous texture of spreading chemtrails. There are no chemtrails. These clouds, or today I should say this cloud, look(s) just like the clouds created by spreading chemtrails. I previously deduced that these were indeed aerosol clouds, sprayed elsewhere, migrating into this area. And from the same direction. There is a huge band of translucent clouds traversing the sky from horizon to horizon in a south . southeasterly direction. Evidently carried by a strong jet stream. No doubt the chemtrailers take the jet stream into account in their planning for aerosol dispersal. Hmph. A chemwatch without chemtrails. So far. 1:30 PM.

2:00 PM. Just in that short period time, that single band has broken down into a band of tentacles, more or less, and is sliding off to the east. In addition there is a lateral spreading out of its fibers as if this jet stream is being crosscut by a perpendicular  stream. I also saw, first, a linear projection perpendicular to the cloud mass that may or may not have been a chemtrail at the north end of the stream, then a chemtrail in the making overhead, also perpendicular.

4:30 Sky clear but pale. Half moon visible in the southeast.


Not sure what the chemtrail level was Sunday (11/2). Probably wasn’t significant, since I failed to notice. Monday started out clear but pale. Chemtrails began to appear early in the day. I noticed that they were long and thin, not the massive heavy variety that have a more dramatic effect. They were thin white lines on a pale blue background. By evening they had crisscrossed the whole sky creating a web like film. I was curious as to how the TV weatherman would explain these clouds. The weather map clearly  showed the the striated texture of the cloud cover, which he characterized as “high thin clouds”. Come on! He’s trained in meteorology so he’s got to know that this surprise cloud cover (it was not forecast) is not natural. And since his job is to watch the sky he obviously knows that these clouds were created by the overflying planes. Yet he nor any other weatherman will mention this. They are complicit in the aerosol crime. They cover it not. They cover it up.


No active chemtrails but the sky is full of bands of mists and translucent sheets resembling frosted glass with  the texture of fish scales. 11:00 AM. In the brief 15 minutes it took me to write this…

Just stepped outside and spotted a couple of short but broad chemtrails and one in the making. The mists and clouds are beginning to merge. Looks like a repeat of yesterday. They are beginning to weave that chemtrail canopy.

1:00 Nope. A huge flotilla of cumulus clouds has moved in instead. Seem to be moving east. The sky is almost completely inundated. The weather man is forecasting rain this evening. This must be the leading edge of the system.


It did rain. A little. Overnight.


It rained all day yesterday. Continuous but not heavy.


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