Daily Archives: November 1, 2014

A chemwatch without chemtrails +Weatherman complicity

Spectacular cloud formation. It’s like the streaming clouds I saw a couple of days ago, having the translucent fibrous texture of spreading chemtrails. There are no chemtrails. These clouds, or today I should say this cloud, look(s) just like the clouds created by spreading chemtrails. I previously deduced that these were indeed aerosol clouds, sprayed elsewhere, […]

Obama’s Spying: ‘Worse than anything Nixon ever did’

Soft-Core Fascism by NORMAN POLLACK America is in trouble. Its people have never been more supine in the face of, complicit in, indifferent to, the criminality of its policies, both foreign and domestic, yet this does not sufficiently seem to reassure its ruling groups, albeit, not a unified ruling class, but reasonably cohesive as drawn […]