At least 29 members of US House of Representatives are Israeli dual citizens

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Barney Frank

There is no other country in the world that allows members of its national government to be a citizen of two different nations at the same time, except the United States. The dual citizen status can only apply to citizens of Israel, and no other country. This change to US law was made possible by the subversion and betrayal of Jewish Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas, a Johnson appointee, who later had to resign from the Supreme Court. This disastrous change to our immigration law MUST be changed back to no dual citizens allowed to participate in any government office. In the meantime, you have an opportunity to remove 29 of these Israeli fifth columnists from the House of Representatives on November 4. Do your part and VOTE on November 4 and kick the traitors out of Congress.

House of Representatives:

1. Representative Gary Ackerman…

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  1. Here’s a partial list of Israelis currently or recently in the US government:

    Elliott Abrams–National Security Council Advisor –
    Kenneth Adelman —Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board –
    Stuart Bernstein–Ambassador to Denmark.
    Brad Blakeman–White House Director of Scheduling.
    Lincoln Bloomfield— Assistant Secretary of State –
    Samuel Bodman –Deputy Secretary of Commerce –
    John Bolton —UN Representative (Former)
    Joshua Bolten— White House Deputy Chief of Staff
    Nancy Brinker–Ambassador to Hungary
    Michael Chertoff Head of Homeland Security –
    Bonnie Cohen –Under Secretary of State for Management –
    Eliot Cohen– Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board –
    Ruth Davis– Director of Foreign Service Institute –
    Douglas Feith –Under Secretary of Defense –
    Ari Fleischer –White House Spokesman (Former) –
    Lawrence (Larry) Franklin— Defense Intelligence Agency Analyst (Former)
    David Frum– White House Speechwriter –
    Marc Grossman—Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs –
    Christopher Gersten– Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children
    andFamilies –
    Joseph Gildenhorn–Bush Campaign’s Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.
    Adam Goldman– White House’s Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.
    Steve Goldsmith— Senior Advisor to the President –
    Richard Haass— Director of Policy Planning at the State Department –
    Daniel Kurtzer–Ambassador to Israel.
    Kissinger– Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board –
    “Scooter” Libby —Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff (Former) –Jay
    Lefkowitz–Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic
    Policy Council.
    Michael Mukasey Attorney General –
    Richard Perle Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board –
    James Schlesinger —Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board –
    Frank Lavin–Ambassador to Singapore.
    Jay Lefkowitz— Deputy Assistant to the President –
    Edward Luttwak— National Security Study Group –
    Ken Melman —White House Political Director –
    Robert Satloff—National Security Council Advisor –
    Mel Sembler —President Export-Import Bank U.S. –
    Cliff Sobel–Ambassador to the Netherlands.
    Martin Silverstein–Ambassador to UruguayRon Weiser–Ambassador to Slovakia.
    Paul Wolfowitz Deputy Defense Secretary (Former) –
    David Wurmser— Under Secretary for Arms Control –
    Mark Weinberger –Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
    Philip D. Zelikow chief counsel to 9/11 Commission.

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