In an aerosol bubble +Chemcloud tentacles +Rain

I don’t know what these are. They have the translucent fibrous quality that chemtrail generated clouds have. They are generally linear in orientation, like giant ostrich feathers fanning out across the sky. The thing is, I’ve seen no chemtrails this morning. I have seen several high flying planes, but the trails they left were short and did not linger. Now, I have observed before that trails in an atmosphere already saturated with aerosols vanish faster, readily absorbed into the preexisting haze. But these trails vanished within seconds, so they were probably not chemtrails. And, relatively speaking, the atmosphere is not particularly permeated with ambient aerosols. In fact, the sky behind these feathery plumes is remarkably blue, especially in comparison with yesterday, indicating that there is (relatively) little particulate matter in the air. Unlike yesterday. There were no clouds yesterday. The sun was shining bright but the sky was very pale and there was a haze hanging in the air which was quite noticeable when you looked into the distance. I had a sense that the aerosols that had been dumped on this area in the days before had spread and extended to the ground. We were swimming yesterday in a bubble of sprayed aerosols. 11:00 AM.

But, back to my original question. Where are these artificial looking clouds coming from? They resemble spreading chemtrails, yet I have seen no chemtrails. Perhaps these are banks of chemtrail generated clouds drifting in from some other area. Let me check the direction. Moving so slow I can’t tell, but the direction of the fibers of the feathery plumes suggest they migrated from the north. Indeed, there is a huge bank of these clouds on the northern horizon. What they sprayed north of here is now migrating into this area. Just as what they sprayed here a couple of days ago likely migrated somewhere else.

12:40 AM. Going going gone. Those feathery plumes are gone from overhead. Perhaps passed on through. Perhaps dissolved. On the eastern horizon I see several southward oriented tentacles extended from the north. Linear feathery clouds on the distant horizon similar to the ostrich plumes I saw overhead a couple of hours ago. Chemtrails sprayed north of here streaming south.

UPDATE: 11/28/14

I saw a few chemtrails yesterday evening. They were being real stealthy with it. There would be a burst of spray, then an interruption. There were long dashes where the trails flared. And in the vicinity of the evening sun there was a thin translucent film, like a streaky plastic sheet. The chemtrailers would spray as they traversed this area and cease spraying as they left it, as if trying to increase the density of this nascent cloud sheet. Clear evidence once again that this is aerosol spray and not naturally occurring engine generated water vapor condensation.

Rain today starting around noon. The weatherman says there is a cold front moving through. Chemtrailers like to spray ahead of weather fronts I’ve noticed. 3:00 PM.

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