Little known: The racism of Mahatma Gandhi


“Poverty is not about having no money alone, it’s about having no power”Arundhati Roy

Most Americans know that Martin Luther King Jr. patterned his nonviolent resistance to racial oppression after  Mahatma Gandhi’s movement in India. What many observers are not aware of, however, is that Gandhi was himself a racist.

Gandhi referred to blacks as “savages” and as activist and author Arundhati Roy notes during this episode of GRITtv, Gandhi never changed. In fact, he “partnered with the British.. to tighten imperialism in South Africa and in the brutal put down of the Zulu uprising.”

Watch the video below:



  1. Clarrisa · · Reply

    Many African Americans are not aware of the contempt in which people from India hold Africans. The Dalits or “untouchables” are dark skin people who live in India and they are at the lowest rung of Indian society. Mahatma Ghandi despised Africans and I am always surprised that so many African Americans are still not aware of this. This not a secret this information is readily available. Why don’t people read?? There is no excuse in this day of readily accessible books on the internet!! Come on people know your enemy!!

    1. I’m always learning something new. That’s why this blog is called I’ll See.

  2. Clarrisa · · Reply

    If people really want to know how Indians from India and other places like Guyana, Trinidad and so on think of Africans just read the writings of Dinesh D’Souza. Even though he is not white, Dinesh Joseph D’Souza, like Gandhi definitely has a white supremacist mindset!!

    1. I got an inkling of it when I went to an Indian doctor, Many years ago. Nothing explicit. Just a certain air of disdain. Not from my doctor, to be fair. He was great. But from his colleagues that sometimes stood in for him (also Indian).

  3. Reblogged this on Socialist Fight and commented:
    A well hidden picture for the racist, Hindu chauvinist supporter of the cast system who renounced the legitimate violence of the oppressed slaves against the imperialist oppressor.

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