Pretending that they do not see +I didn’t see before but I do see now

Yeah, I seen’em. My sister texted me “have I seen the chemtrails”. Yeah, I seen’em. Disgusted, you know, but yeah, the chemtrails are flagrant today. Chemwatch worthy. I saw them this morning. Quite a few, but not as many as at midday. Now they are all over the sky, stretching in every direction. Some from horizon to horizon.Those early morning ones were pink in the sunrise and mostly in the east.  The chemtrailers like to criss-cross in front of the sun, as if they are targeting this particular area, this major southern city. It has often seemed to me that the desired objective is to place a partition of translucent clouds between the sun and the city, as these trails spread out and merge into a gossamer film. So what can I say? They spraying the hell out of us with these mysterious substances and nobody in authority is saying a gog damned thing. Not even the weathermen who cannot help but notice these aircraft generated clouds. Those whose jobs it is to watch out for us and those whose job it is to watch the sky are pretending that they do not see. 5:00 PM.



I’m trying to remember what the sky was like yesterday, just as a followup to the above report. I cannot. It was a nice day is about all I remember. I was so preoccupied with what I was doing. Kind of stressed actually. That’s why I didn’t notice. Too busy. That’s probably why I never noticed before 2007. Too busy. Someone up there knows this. Someone high up in the planning phase of the chemtrail program. Someone with knowledge of human nature and how to manipulate it. They know that if you keep people busy enough, if you keep them stressed out enough, they will pay no attention to what’s going on above their heads. It’s been going on for more than 20 years (probably more than 30) but I never noticed it myself until 7 years ago. I didn’t see before but I do see now. And despite mass Bernaysian type social conditioning, I will not pretend not to.

Today the sky is clear. If you consider pale “clear”. Otherwise, not a cloud or a chemtrail in the sky. 8:30 AM.

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