Pentagon Focus Is On The Climate As They Blow Apart Another Storm In California

This is a good synopsis of the process I have observed in my chemwatches: the use of sprayed aerosols to dissolve clouds. Dane puts this observation in a broader context. Ed.

Dane Wigington

Those that believe the US Department of Defense would ask for the public’s permission before they would interfere with the climate should wake up to reality. Take a good look at the satellite photo below. You don’t need to know much about meteorology to see what looks like giant paint brush strokes through the image from just off the California coast all the way through the western states into Canada. This effect is due to massive aerosol spraying of the incoming storm front, once again robbing California of desperately needed precipitation.

satellite - FOGREFL.GIF.8

Though considerable moisture passed over Northern California all day on October 14th, 2014, not a drop has fallen as of the penning of this article. The first waves of moisture from the incoming front were completely migrated over the parched state by massive aerosol spraying over the tops of the clouds. From below, the cloud cover is largely featureless when the aerosol spraying is the heaviest. The spraying effectively melts the cloud  cover together into a blended canopy of toxic aerosols and natural clouds. The rainless aerosolized clouds then migrate inland for hundreds or thousands of miles. This is the goal of solar radiation management, to create massive areas of cloud cover to block the sun. This greatly diminishes rain from falling where it would have and causes it to migrate further where it may eventually come down somewhere else in a deluge. So where does the US military fit into this equation? As the ongoing global climate engineering becomes impossible to hide, the military is beginning to admit they are indeed focused on the climate as a primary threat to US national security. In reality, the military is using climate engineering as a weapon against populations around the globe, this includes the US.



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