How Can We Survive?

For those who still don’t believe despite what they see, I suggest you review the track record of the responding government authority to mega-disasters such as Katrina, BP’s gulf oil spill, Fukushima, etc.  What they want you to see as merely cosmic level incompetence is actually a planned agenda of allowing, if not creating such disasters to further their goal of depopulation.

EBOLAby Chautauqua | Augureye Express

Well, here it is 3:00 AM again with me still wide awake; four nights in a row, unable to sleep, or to command my mind to stop thrashing about seeking some clarity amid the chaos of mankind’s dark night of the soul.

I light up another cigarette with bemused disgust, knowing it’s bad for my health, knowing it probably makes no difference, considering.

When this Ebola outbreak began I tried to tell myself that it was just more of the same old fear panderingwe are so accustomed to, tried to pass it off as just that; despite knowing better.

For most of my life I’ve been prone to psychic flashes, even full-on visions every so often.  The strongest visions have always happened during dream states, but occasionally when I think I’m drifting off for a nap it will blossom into a kind of mini-vision, or lucid daydream.  It is something like what my friend Soren Dreier calls going into the morph.  While he has mastered the technique, I have mostly been content to just take what comes.


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