Mooncast shadows +Cloud mix

It is still dark at 5:00 AM. I had stepped out back about 15 minutes ago. Though it was dark I noticed that I was casting a shadow as were all of the other objects around me. There were lighted windows on the house and an outside light from the house next door, but the direction of the shadows ruled these out as the source. There could only be one source –the moon. The moon was full and bright enough to cast shadows. Even in contention with the artificial light sources on the ground. I did not know it could do that.

A mix this morning of broken cloud cover. Looks like natural clouds mostly. Loose knit congregations of cumulus type clouds covering most of the sky. But in between these tufts of cumulus are smokey streaks, which are likely synthetic clouds. There are in addition some linear clouds and active chemtrails. The full moon which was almost directly overhead this morning is still visible just above the western tree line. 8:00 AM.


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