Ring around the moon +Thin cover +White on white +Swift changes +Blue sky

How strange, at 12 AM. A bright full moon high in the sky, but it has a ring around it, similar to what I have seen with the sun in the daytime when the sky is hazy with chemsprayed particulates. A faint rainbow ring encircling the sun as its rays bounce off the haze. I have to assume that this is the same kind of effect. The rays of a bright moon bouncing off the haze that “envelopes” it, causing a faint grey ring to appear to encircle it. No doubt the haze that creates this grey circle consists of sprayed aerosols, the ubiquitous chemtrail plasma in which we dwell.

A thin cloud cover this morning. The sun behind it seems like an eye opening behind cloud lids. High over head the cover is thin enough to see chemtrails streaming above this translucent sheet. 8:00 AM.

White on white. The sky is almost completely whited out. It was a mix earlier today. Numerous enormous cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds amid vast streams of white mists and chemtrails. Now it is homogenized into a white translucent sheet which forms the background  of the many cumulus clouds that drift just underneath and for the wall of cumulonimbus  clouds towering over the northern horizon. There are numerous cumulus clouds in a sky which itself is white A shock of blue on the western horizon slowly expands indicating that this white on white mix is migrating east. 3:00 PM.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the sky changes. The break between that patch of blue and the mixed cloud canopy that I saw on the horizon 15 minutes ago is now almost directly overhead! Really, it didn’t seem to be moving that fast. At last observation I had estimated that it would reach my location in a matter of hours, not minutes. Here’s a new axiom. Clouds are moving a lot faster than they appear to be. 3:20 PM. And of course there are chemtrails threading the mix. Nothing heavy, just the kind of “touch up” chemtrails I have described before. Apparently these flyers replenish the aerosols in these man made translucent clouds.

4:00 PM. That translucent sheet that once encompassed this whole area has now slid on to the east. I see it on the horizon there, pretty much as it was when it was overhead; a translucent sheet below which hangs several cumulus clouds. Amazing. It migrated out of here in about an hour. It left in its wake a few bands of striated cirrus type clouds against a medium pale blue sky.

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