Chemtrailing resumes +

No conspicuous chemtrail activity the past several days. Friday, four days ago. That’s when we had that big dump. No signs of chemtrails to speak of since. Only the secondary indications: decomposing cumulus clouds, translucent bands here and there, and pale skies. The sky has grown increasingly pale the past several days not from direct spraying, as far as I can tell, but from accumulations of particulates sprayed elsewhere inundating the atmosphere. The whitening out of the sky has been shown to be one of the effects of the chemtrail program. So the sky is pale blue this morning, the atmosphere, hence, already saturated with airborne particulates. Into this plasma they are injecting fresh chemtrails. That’s right, direct chemtrailing has resumed. It’s not as noticeable as it was Friday. The contrast is less stark because the sky is pale and the trails are thin. In addition, in an already saturated atmosphere, they disappear sooner. They are absorbed into the ambient haze, helping to make the sky whiter. 9:30 AM.

Now the sky is covered by a fibrous film. How to describe it? It’s like waves of fine white “angel hair” cascading across a windswept sky. Or it’s as if a painter with a broad brush, just lightly dabbed in paint, had left scumbled whirls on a giant sheet of Plexiglas.

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