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August 21, 2009 -The day I realized Obama was a fraud

WTF?  The Worst and the Best Thing to Happen to the Democratic Party in Years By DAVE LINDORFF Last fall, I and many progressives urged voters to elect Obama, not because we thought he was a progressive, but because we hoped that his background—community organizer, raised by a single mother, experience living in a third […]

Chemtrailing resumes +

No conspicuous chemtrail activity the past several days. Friday, four days ago. That’s when we had that big dump. No signs of chemtrails to speak of since. Only the secondary indications: decomposing cumulus clouds, translucent bands here and there, and pale skies. The sky has grown increasingly pale the past several days not from direct […]

Death Dumps: Chemtrails is a bio-weapon

Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped Ted L Gunderson Ex FBI Whistleblower Poisoned? – Dr.Ed Lucidi – Anthony J Hilder Former FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson, makes a statement regarding the chemtrail “death dumps”, otherwise know as air crap, on January 12, 2011. Ted says the following: “The death […]