Chemwatch: Slow traffic day +Odd

If you subscribe to the notion that the trails left by planes in the sky are all naturally occurring condensation trails, here’s  a thought. Remember all of those trails I saw yesterday? Spraying aerosols or not, that was an awful lot of  air traffic. An awful lot of trails. Today was very different. There were numerous cumulus clouds throughout the sky throughout the day. So I guess maybe the atmospheric conditions were very different as well. Obviously not conducive to forming lingering contrails. Though there were some translucent wisps among the massive cumulus clouds (indicating the presence of sprayed aerosols) I only saw two short trails all day long. Either the atmosphere was not conducive to producing contrails or there was vastly less air traffic in this area today than there was yesterday.


I saw a single already spreading chemtrail this morning, making a wide porous ribbon overhead, an hour or two ago. The rest of the sky was clear. No other signs of chemtrails except for the paleness of the sky, which of course means ambient aerosols permeating the atmosphere. Odd now, at 11:00 AM, there is a single small fibrous cloud in the sky in the area that I had seen the chemtrail, and that cloud is in the area that the sun now is. I have noticed before that chemtrails and the clouds they form somehow often cross in front of the sun. It happens too frequently to be an accident.

Another single sighting today got me to thinking. I saw an airliner flying at an intermediate altitude as I was scanning the sky just now. It was not in the “stratosphere” where the planes that leave trails invariably fly. Too low, apparently. Still high but at perhaps half the altitude of chemtrail flyers. Intermediate altitude, let’s just say 20-30,000 feet range. At this altitude I can still make out the contours of the plane and recognize it as a commercial airliner. The chemtrailers are, by contrast, so far away they are often mere dots that one can only assume to be planes. The thing is, I’ve just noticed, I rarely see planes flying at intermediate altitudes when chemtrailing is taking place. I rarely see intermediate altitude planes in general, chemtrail days or not. Still it does seem odd that high altitude contrail producing air traffic should be more prevalent than intermediate altitude air traffic, particularly since this city’s major municipal airport is not far from here.

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