Daily Archives: September 26, 2014

Filling in the Gaps +Increasing the volume +Surprisingly thick clouds +Filtered sunlight +Spraying ceased +Fresh trails

Somebody, somebody in authority –judges, congressmen– need to do something about this. There is no doubt –it’s not a “conspiracy theory”– that we are being sprayed. Direct observation of the emissions from, invariably, very high flying aircraft reveals this. Today’s observation, for example. I wasn’t necessarily going to post a chemwatch today. I woke up […]

Fetchit of famed minstrel duo, Step’n’Fetchit, resigns

…with apologies to kimosabe Holder’s Legacy Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance – Eric Holder’s tenure as attorney general will be remembered for the failure to prosecute any leading bankers who were responsible for the collapse of the economy. While the SEC negotiated large fines, the DOJ prosecuted none of those who were guilty of crimes that […]