Feathery plumes+ Touching up+ Three quarters covered

Classic long form chemtrails this morning.  There are many at various stages of dispersion stretching across the sky.  Some seem to continue from horizon to horizon, but most have beginning an end points, where spray was apparently turned on an off. The air aloft is obviously very brisk. Many of the trails are  laid perpendicular to this strong southeasterly current and tendrils stream sideways, spreading quickly across the sky. These long feathery plumes will no doubt shortly merge into a translucent enshroudment of the sky. 8:30 AM.

10:30 AM. The chemtrail activity has died down. Translucent clouds have coagulated here and there, mostly in the northern quadrant. I saw a single chemtrail in the making threading through the gossamer cloud formations. The plane was too far away to be visible, but the trail it left had a starting point in the northeast, continued a while and stopped, picked up again after a rather long break, continued a while then stopped again. Again evidence of spray being turned on and off. Almost as if the pilot were touching up the swathes of aerosols sprayed earlier, filling in a gap here and there.

4:00 PM. There is a continuous sheet of translucent clouds stretching across  much of the southern sky now. There are several freshly laid chemtrails, most from horizon to horizon, including a massive crossing high in the northwest. These two trails are so wide that it seems an enormous amount of material, more than usual, would have had to be ejected from the planes that made them. These monster trails had already spread into significantly wide swathes at the time of observation yet remained relatively dense (for gossamer clouds). They formed a gigantic “X” in the northeastern sky, counterbalancing the translucent sheet overarching the south. The sky is three quarters covered with clouds. All of them man made. And composed of god knows what kind of particulates.

As the upper air currents disperse these chemtrails across the sky it gives them a kind of  fine fibrous texture that resembles a veil. As these trails merge into a continuous sheet and spread out, it is as if a thin white veil has been flung across an otherwise clear blue sky. Just judging from the effects that I have witnessed, this would seem to be a prime purpose of chemtrail. To fling a translucent veil across the sky.

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