Remember the NSA Scandal?

[Ed: A recovered post. I intended to post this last year. Hope the links still work.]

Why is Obama so indifferent to the NSA scandal?

Given that the NSA is guilty of some of the most wide spread crimes against the largest number of American citizens since the country had slavery, it is curious that Obama seems so passive, and almost indifferent, to the problem. He’s approaches it like a White House PR guy and, at times, even makes Jay Carney look good. One possible explanation can be found in a back story we covered at the beginning of his presidency but that  the conventional media chose to ignore:

One  of the unanswered questions about Barack Obama is how a young    politician of such little achievement got so far so fast – from    state senator to president in four years. Wayne Madsen and Bill    Blum provides new light on the subject. To understand this phenomenon,    it is important to recognize that if a young Obama was vetted    or otherwise used by the CIA, it was not all that unusual. From    the 1950s on, the agency repeatedly interfered in the education    of the talented young by recruiting or co-opting them for its    own purposes. Yale’s Skull & Bones Club, for example, was    a classic case of a recruitment camp for future intelligence    types. The purpose – for the short run – is more information,    and – for the long run – a supply of US future government officials    whom the agency trusts and can use. And it often begins with    a bright college student an insider thinks might fill the bill.    . . . Wayne Madsen Report     WMR has obtained additional details on Business International    Corporation, the CIA front company where President Obama spent    a year working after graduating from Columbia University in 1983. BIC used journalists as    non-official cover agents around the world. The firm published    weekly and fortnightly newsletters for business executives. .    . On February 24, WMR reported:    “For one year, Obama worked as a researcher in BIC’s financial    services division where he wrote for two BIC publications, Financing    Foreign Operations and Business International Money Report, a    weekly newsletter. An informed source has    told WMR that Obama’s tuition debt at Columbia was paid off by    BIC. In addition, WMR has learned that when Obama lived in Indonesia    with his mother and his adoptive father Lolo Soetoro, the 20-year-old    Obama, who was known as ‘Barry Soetoro,’ traveled to Pakistan    in 1981 and was hosted by the family of Muhammadmian Soomro,    a Pakistani Sindhi who became acting President of Pakistan after    the resignation of General Pervez Musharraf on August 18, 2008.    WMR was told that the Obama/Soetoro trip to Pakistan, ostensibly    to go ‘partridge hunting’ with the Soomros, related to unknown    CIA business. The covert CIA program to assist the Afghan mujaheddin    was already well underway at the time and Pakistan was the major    base of operations for the CIA’s support . . . Through its contacts with    leading liberals around the world, BIC sought to recruit those    on the left as CIA agents and assets. . . . Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham,    and his father, Barack Obama, Sr., met at the University of Hawaii    in 1960 in a Russian-language class. . . After marrying Indonesian    national Lolo Soetoro, Dunham moved with Barack Obama, Jr. to    Indonesia in 1966. . . Dunham left Indonesia in 1972, returning    to Hawaii with her son. Dunham periodically made trips back to    Indonesia, as well as to Pakistan, while working for the Ford    Foundation and the U.S. Agency for International Development,    the latter commonly used by the CIA for official cover agents. Dunham Soetoro was in    Indonesia when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Barack    Obama visited Lahore, Pakistan, where his mother worked as a    “consultant,” in 1981. . . Bill Blum, Anti-Empire    Report – The question    that may never go away: Who really is Barack Obama? In his autobiography,    “Dreams From My Fathers”, Barack Obama writes of taking    a job at some point after graduating from Columbia University    in 1983. He describes his employer as “a consulting house    to multinational corporations” in New York City, and his    functions as a “research assistant” and “financial    writer.” The odd part of Obama’s story is that he doesn’t    mention the name of his employer. However, a New York Times    story of 2007 identifies the company as Business International    Corporation. Equally odd is that the Times did not remind its    readers that the newspaper itself had disclosed in 1977 that    Business International had provided cover for four CIA employees    in various countries between 1955 and 1960. The British journal,    Lobster Magazine — which, despite its incongruous name, is a    venerable international publication on intelligence matters —    has reported that Business International was active in the 1980s    promoting the candidacy of Washington-favored candidates in Australia    and Fiji. In 1987, the CIA overthrew the Fiji government after    but one month in office because of its policy of maintaining    the island as a nuclear-free zone, meaning that American nuclear-powered    or nuclear-weapons-carrying ships could not make port calls.    After the Fiji coup, the candidate supported by Business International,    who was much more amenable to Washington’s nuclear desires, was    reinstated to power. In his book, not only    doesn’t Obama mention his employer’s name; he fails to say when    he worked there, or why he left the job. There may well be no    significance to these omissions, but inasmuch as Business International    has a long association with the world of intelligence, covert    actions, and attempts to penetrate the radical left — including    Students for a Democratic Society — it’s valid to wonder if    the inscrutable Mr. Obama is concealing something about his own    association with this world. Colony Net, 2008 –    In an effort to    shore up his foreign policy credentials during the primary campaign,    the junior senator from Illinois – then in a tight primary contest    with Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania – bragged about the time    he had spent in Pakistan. He argued that Clinton’s foreign policy    “experience” consisted only of quick photo ops, while    he had spent “quality time” with “real people.”    Not only that, he had actually gone on a partridge-hunting trip    near the Pakistan city of Larkana. His partridge-hunting apparently    impressed the gun owners of Pennsylvania very little, inasmuch    as Clinton won that primary by 10 per cent. Eager to impress the Pennsylvania    crowd with his “foreign policy experience” and knowledge    of guns, Obama thus let slip the fact that he’d been to Pakistan.    (It is believed that he made two trips to Pakistan.) There must    have been more to that trip than meets the eye, however, because    the candidate has said virtually nothing about it since. You    won’t find anything on the Obama campaign site. . . Astute readers may have    begun to wonder how a struggling young college student with a    divorced, middle-class mother managed to fund a three week trip    to Pakistan. . . But Barry Obama-Soetoro was off shooting partridges    in Pakistan, hosted by a young man named Muhammed Hasan Chandio.    Chandio’s family owned a substantial amount of land in the region,    and Obama apparently met him while both were students. (Chandio    is currently a financial consultant in New York, and a donor    to the Obama campaign.). . . Another of Obama’s hosts    in Pakistan was Muhammadian Mian Soomro, Obama’s senior by about    11 years, son of a Pakistani politician and himself a politician,    who became interim President of Pakistan when Pervez Musharraf    resigned in August of 2008. Soomro has said that “someone”    personally requested that he “watch over” Barack Obama,    but will not name that individual . . . A trip to Pakistan is    no doubt more than a jaunt to a Florida beach. Few Americans    would consider traveling there now, thinking it to be a dangerous    place. In 1981, when one of Obama’s possible two trips there    occurred, it was less safe. Because of the war between Afghanistan    and the Soviet Union, millions of Afghan refugees fled to Pakistan,    which was under martial law. The Afghan “mujahedeen”    fighters had bases in Pakistan, and they moved back and forth    to fight the Soviets. . . In the early 1980s, Pakistan    was one of the destinations Americans were prohibited from visiting    – it was on the State Department’s list of banned countries.    Non-Muslims were not welcome, unless they were on official business,    formalized through the embassy of the country of origin. The    simple truth is that no young American would have a reason to    or be able to visit Pakistan in 1981, unless he was on official    government business of which the State Department was aware.    . . Adding to the mix is the    fact that Ann Dunham, Obama’s mother, had visited at least 13    countries in her lifetime, and had worked for companies that    required travel to Pakistan. Her employers appear to have included    the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Ford Foundation,    Women’s World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank. Note that    USAID and the Ford Foundation have (allegedly) been used as covers    for CIA agents. . . . Obama also was one    of eight students    selected to study sovietology by Columbia professor Zbigniew    Brzezinski who, if he wasn’t a CIA official, was as close as    you can otherwise get. Brzesinski is now a member of Obama’s    inner circle. If the Obama Pakistan    story sounds somewhat familiar, it may because the Review was    one of the few places that reported one of Bill Clinton’s similar    interesting trips: “1960s: Bill Clinton,    according to several agency sources interviewed by biographer    Roger Morris, works as a CIA informer while briefly and erratically    a Rhodes Scholar in England. Although without visible means of    support, he travels around Europe and the Soviet Union, staying    at the ritziest hotel in Moscow. During this period the US government    is using well educated assets such as Clinton as part of Operation    Chaos, a major attempt to break student resistance to the war    and the draft. According to former White House FBI agent Gary    Aldrich Clinton is told by Oxford officials that he is no longer    welcome there.”

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