Stealth chemtrailing

This is just fantastic. The chemtrail events overhead never seem to cease to amaze me. A couple of months ago I was surprised to find what appeared to be vectors being marked off in the sky. Today there was nothing unusual. At first. There were numerous cumulus clouds gliding along that ubiquitous sea of mists. Rather picturesque against a gradated  ceruleum sky. I even made note of how the larger cumulonimbus in the distance retained their rounded contours. The rest, of course, had the familiar frayed edges suggesting that they were being dissolved by the aerosolized plasma in which they drifted. Outside of the haze, indicating earlier spraying or aerosols drifting in from other sprayed areas, there were no signs of chemtrails. The skies were like this all day until at least 4:00 PM, when I was last outside. Three hours later it is a completely different story. There are lots of clouds in the sky now; but none of them are natural. There are translucent spiral shaped clouds all over. There are some linear clouds suggestive of chemtrails, but only one in this mishmash that appeared to be a relatively fresh trail; a broken one at that. Still, what was interesting about this fresh trail was how quickly it deformed.

Not disappeared, but spread out into a more serpentine shape, clearly on its way to becoming like the swirly translucent clouds among which it sits. This is today’s discovery. This trail represents a different chemical cocktail, apparently, than the kind that retains it linearity for long periods of time, the classic lingering contrail. These trails don’t linger, but they don’t disappear either. They remain as swirling translucent clouds, combining with each other when there are many of them. Today, they are rather isolated from each other overhead and to the east. But in the western sky these clouds merge into a broad translucent sheet.

I’ve seen this kind of thing before, where translucent cloud swirls appear in the sky independent, apparently, of chemtrails. I have attributed these mysterious appearances of chemocirrus clouds to chem-dumps, a flying tanker simply dumping its contents at high altitude. But today’s observation suggests that an alternative chemical formula may be another way of spraying without leaving a telltale trail. Stealth chemtrailing.

What also amazes me is just how fast this happened. There must have been a virtual chemtrail bombardment between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 for this many chemtrail remnants to be evident in the sky. Did I miss the show?

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