Daily Archives: September 9, 2014

Stealth chemtrailing

This is just fantastic. The chemtrail events overhead never seem to cease to amaze me. A couple of months ago I was surprised to find what appeared to be vectors being marked off in the sky. Today there was nothing unusual. At first. There were numerous cumulus clouds gliding along that ubiquitous sea of mists. […]

Chemtrails help to destroy the immune system

Chemtrails in the Air Causing Cancer and Other Illness Although there are many causes cited for cancer, the idea of chemtrails from the air as a leading contributer to cancer, and other illnesses, has not been widely considered. Here’s a statement: Added by Lucille Femine on October 17, 2013 Guardian The International Agency for Research […]

Remember the NSA Scandal?

[Ed: A recovered post. I intended to post this last year. Hope the links still work.] Why is Obama so indifferent to the NSA scandal? Given that the NSA is guilty of some of the most wide spread crimes against the largest number of American citizens since the country had slavery, it is curious that […]