Around 1969 as a young boy, I looked-up the definition of the word, evil. I found something like, “Preference and actions for one’s own material wealth over the well-being of others.”

I’ve always remembered that definition as the one that made the most sense. I’ve never found it again in more modern dictionaries.

In 2007, Stephen Zarlenga (Executive Director, AMI) asked my opinion: “Carl, do you think there’s some kind of ‘slave gene’ that explains people worshipping the very leaders crushing them?” I responded, “Maybe. There’s plenty of consideration that the ‘human animal’ has a fear-reflex and reptilian brain function attracted to hierarchies. We certainly find this fear and system-worship in our work for monetary reform.”

Today, considering our human condition, we observe:

  • A nexus of evil among “leading” families in government, money, and corporate media who provably lie for unlawful wars (herehereherehere), rapacious economics (herehereherehere), and who use corporate media to “cover” these crimes while speaking to us never above a pre-teen level.
  • Public inability to clearly recognize this evil, take action to stop it, and remember these acts define our “leaders.”
  • A growing number of Americans recognizing our Emperor’s New Clothes status, willingness to speak and act, and retention that our “leaders” really do seem to act for evil.

Political Ponerology is a book studying evil as a condition with recognizable characteristics; principally that evil people are psychopaths (and here): a veneer of socially-acceptable behavior thinly covering vicious actions.

Human beings have difficulty imaging such “Big Lie” evil from their “leaders” because ordinary people tend to psychologically project their own values of empathy onto their “leaders.” Those of us with more exposure to our “leaders” can help point to facts for regular Americans to recognize the evil right in front of their own eyes.

And the race continues between “leaders’” insatiable lust for power, control, and money versus the 99.99% who seek simple justice. When recognition grows, demand for arrests will also grow.

We will not have justice until these “leaders” are lawfully arrested to stop their war-murders (among ~100 crucial areas of crimes):