Cumulus clouds with actual rounded contours

A massive wall of cumulonimbus clouds tower above the northern horizon. To a lesser extent the western horizon. Smaller bands of cumulus clouds pass across the feet of these giants. There is a notable difference in texture between the mountains and the foothills. The stray bands of cumulus clouds at the lower altitudes have frayed decomposing edges which I associate with the presence of ambient aerosols. The towering cumulonimbus, on the other hand, have rounded contours, a feature I have not seen in cumulus clouds for a long time. Usually they have that frayed frazzled look, as if they were being dissolved around the edges. And of course they were being dissolve around the edges. Not to worry though. It didn’t take more than the ten minutes I was outside for the giant cloud bank to start fraying, just like its smaller companions. Interesting to note that we’ve just had rain here yesterday. These massive cumulonimbus were probably the remnants of that storm system moving out of the area. There are other signs of chemtrailing in the sky, aside from the telltale frayed cumulus contours; such as translucent “cirrus” clouds and ‘scaly’ (ionized) cloud formations, suggestive of recent spraying, despite the fact that no actual chemtrails are in view. It makes me wonder if chemtrails had been used to dissolve these clouds and disperse this storm system. 12:30 PM.


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