Clear evidence that we are being sprayed

Well, this is about the best example I’ve seen of a plane turning on and off its aerosol spray. Around 6:30 AM I was sitting outside gazing at the swirly chemo-cirrus clouds that are ubiquitous this time of morning. I saw a high flying plane leaving a trail that began in the middle of the northern quadrant of the sky. It continued a short distance, the trail did, then suddenly stopped. Usually when I see a trail in the making that suddenly stops, I cannot see the plane leaving the trail because it is so high up it disappears into the pale blue, with no line of emission to indicate its presence. This time the barely visible plane was illuminated by the glare of the rising sun. I was able to follow the gleaming dot long after it had stopped leaving a trail. A clear example of a plane’s aerosol spray being turned on and off. Clear evidence that this plane’s emission is not engine generated vapor trails. And clear evidence that we are being sprayed.


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