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Conspiracy Theory and Thought Control

Those controlled by the phrase “conspiracy theories” will REACT instead of ANALYZE. This reaction is one of rejection of the information. This mass “thought blocking” phenomenon triggered by one phrase is, I believe, one of the great psychological accomplishments from government in the last one hundred years or so. Bernie Suarez Only those deeply entrenched in […]

CIA MKULTRA: they intended to use drugs for “everything”

CIA MKULTRA: they intended to use drugs for “everything”   By Jon Rappoport August 12, 2014 http://www.nomorefakenews.com Drugs to transform individuals…and even, by implication, society. Drug research going far beyond the usual brief descriptions of MKULTRA.1,167 MORE WORDS

No progress for black men in 40 years

http://www.louisianaweekly.com/black-men-show-little-signs-of-progress-in-40-years/ WASHINGTON (NNPA) — Black men are no better off than they were more than 40 years ago, due to mass incarceration and job losses suffered during the Great Recession, according to a new report by researchers at the University of Chicago. Derek Neal and Armin Rick, the co-authors of the study, found that reforms […]