Chemtrail Hotshots

They are doing some funny things up there, high above the earth. These planes are at such a high altitude that they are little more than dots with wings. Today was partly cloudy earlier, pale skies with numerous voluminous cumulus. Now it’s glazed over with a thin smokelike film. The tendrils of  lingering “contrails”  can be seen, giving the film a weblike appearance. On days like this it’s easy to take the trails being left by the these high flying planes as normal contrails. They vanish within minutes rather than in hours like classic chemtrails. I have a theory that these are indeed chemtrails despite their rapid evaporation. The hazy translucent film that covers the sky is an indication that the air is saturated with previously sprayed particulates. Chemtrails are absorbed more quickly in a preexisting soup. That is why these trails do not linger.

I saw an interesting intersection of trails in this soup. I was watching one plane making its way from the eastern quadrant as it passed overhead. As I was following its line of flight, another plane approached from the opposite direction. They were very high up and appeared to be at the same altitude, yet they were apparently barrelling towards each other. They crossed paths, their trails making an acute angled “x” in the air. This struck me as odd. Why would air traffic control (there is a major airport not far from here) allow these planes to pass so close to each other? They wouldn’t, meaning these planes must have been military. Perhaps this was a military exercise or perhaps some hotshots getting their kicks. Odd in any case. I have of course seen chemtrails cross. Crossing chemtrails is the essence  of the operation. But it was always a chemtrail crossing a previously laid chemtrail. I had never before seen two chemtrails cross at the same time. 7:00 PM.

I am reminded by this video that the little dots leaving these trails are likely big, big planes. Like these.



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