Spraying within vectors

Another morning of substantial chemtrail activity. Again there are broken trails among them, suggesting staccato interruptions in whatever is generating these trails. Of course nothing explains this pattern better than the idea of an aerosol spray of some sort being turned on and off, rather than the continuous stream one would expect from the planes’ engines. This on an off effect is an indication that these trails are the actual spraying of particulates and not engine generated contrails. In addition the numerous trails I am observing today, as with yesterday, intersect only in a certain portion of the sky. Almost all of these  “air traffic generated” trails, rather than extending all the way across the sky, as one might expect of unbroken lingering “contrails”, have beginning and end points. They  inexplicably start at a particular point in the sky, continue for a certain distance, then just as inexplicably stop. Generally these intersect other similarly finite trails, creating that familiar tictactoe effect. The only way to explain trails starting and stopping within certain vectors is if these planes are spraying. 8:30 AM. And these planes, let’s face it. They are spraying. Not just here but where you live too.


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