Classic chemwatch: A most unusual day

I was reviewing some of my chemwatch entries from my five years or so of observing the sky. I came across this entry and I realized that the most unusual day of all my chemtrail watching was the day I saw no chemtrails nor any signs of chemtrails at all. It stands alone. Well, almost. True I was not able to observe all the time, sometimes not being able to go outside due to weather or being otherwise preoccupied, but of the times I did observe, which was frequent over that five years, there was only one day like it.

A most unusual day. I saw no signs of chemtrails. Just fleets of huge cumulus clouds across a healthily blue sky. And I was outside most of the day. And these clouds did not have the decomposing frayed edges that has become typical, nor were they floating on a sea of gossamer mists. What gives? May 10, 2012

That extra clear day with full natural cumulus clouds with rounded contours did not appear out of the blue however. There had been a noticeable lull in chemtrail activity in the months prior. That lull gave enough time for ambient aerosols, usually lingering as a faint haze, to clear out so that there was not even that normally ubiquitous film in the air to turn the sky pale.

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  1. […] not from stealth chemtrailing in this area then from spraying in nearby areas. There has only been one occasion in my roughly seven years of watching chemtrails when there has been no sign of chemtrails at all, […]

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