A line of dashes in the sky +Then more trails +Sky turns back to blue

Like I said, I only post a chemwatch now when I observe something unusual or that illustrates a particular point. Like today. Chemtrails have not been  particularly noticeable lately. In fact early this morning I was surprised how clear of clouds the skies were.  In addition I had had occasion to go outside at 1:30 AM.  A warm night it was, BTW. And  not very dark. The moon must have been beaming from somewhere. The sky was light enough to reveal a band of  clouds stretching across one quadrant. I didn’t see any sign of chemtrails which, if they had been there, would have shown up against this twilit sky. It made me reconsider my theory that much of chemtrail spraying takes place overnight. On this rare occasion where I was out at that time of night, I saw none. Around 6:00, when I got up in the morning,  the temperature was cooler and the sky was clear. It was later when numerous swirling gossamer clouds appeared, obvious spreading trails or simple surreptitious dumps of aerosolized particulates.

But here is what is special about today’s observation. I was just going to let today’s chemtrail observation, as with most of my other quotidian sightings, go unreported. Chemtrails are so ubiquitous and frequent, it has become the norm, hardly worth remarking upon. It is against this norm of routine chemtrailing that I make the present observation.  I saw a couple of freshly laid trails in the mishmash  around 2:30 PM. Then, almost directly overhead, I saw a small dot of a putative plane  leaving a broken trail. Arching out of the vicinity of the afternoon sun, where it apparently began –there is no sign of a trail before that point– the plane continued east until it disappeared leaving a line of dashes in its wake. Some long, some short. It reminded me of Morse code. Strange. Obviously whatever is being emitted from that plane is being interrupted. Perhaps purposefully. It does make one wonder what the purpose (or cause) of such short interruptions in the trail could be.

At 3:30 there are more pronounced spreading trails in the sky, crossing numerous times in the now familiar tic tac toe  pattern. I notice that these crossings  take place in this immediate geographical area, basically overhead. Looking into the distance on the perimeter of these crossings I see no trails. In fact the trails that extend towards these peripheral areas simply seem to stop at an invisible boundary. Evidently they are spraying in areas marked out beforehand with  short vector trails, like the one I observed an hour earlier.

It is amazing how fast things can change! At 5:00 the artificial gossamer mishmash has moved out. A slight haze lingers here and there but mainly the sky has become a beautiful cerulean blue, deep overhead to light almost turquoise tints on the horizon. There are picturesque banks of cumulus clouds all over, the ones in the distance retain their rounded contours, the closer ones have the frazzled edges I attribute to interaction with ambient aerosols. As I have observed before cumulus clouds seem to act like a sponge, soaking up the aerosols and decomposing in the process. When they roll through they dissolve around the edges but they also turn the sky back to blue.

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