I saw the making of the dash in the sky

Yet another example that proves that the white lines in the skies are not merely normal contrails. Today, the sky is dotted here and there with clouds, some full bodied and natural, amid others translucent and spidery and obviously man-made. There were a couple of long trails and vector dashes at various places. Vector dashes are the short (in length) lingering trails that I remarked about a couple of weeks ago. I had imagined that they were made by the plane turning on then turning off its aerosol spray. This is precisely what I witnessed around 7:00 PM. I watched a high flying plane leaving a normal contrail that disappeared behind it within a few seconds. Suddenly the trail flared brightly, continued a little bit, and then returned to normal. This flared part of the trail did not vanish like the rest of the trail left by the plane. It lingered. A dash across the sky as if a vector had been marked.

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