NDAA Paves the Way to Fascist US

The NDAA Explained in 3 Minutes

Alexandra Bruce
July 16, 2014

The young man who is the creator of this piece, who goes by the YouTube handle StormCloudsGathering (I have no idea of his real name) is truly one of the greatest heroes of YouTube. His earliest videos were shot by him, with a camera on a stick, while walking his infant to sleep in the woods.

To anyone who has been following his work, it is more than clear that he is making these videos to fight for the rights of his children and if he so blessed, for the rights of his children’s children.

He’s fighting for you, too.

The only complaint that I receive about his work is that he speaks too quickly, so here’s the


“Regardless of where on this planet you live, and no matter what your nationality, the fact that the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA are still on the books, should disturb you on a fundamental level. If not, give it three minutes.

“The National Defense Authorization Act which was passed in 2012 and extended in 2013 and 2014, authorizes the U.S. military to arrest anyone, anywhere on the planet, to deny them access to a lawyer, and to detain them indefinitely without at trial. Furthermore the U.S. government claims the right to do all of this in secret.

“The right to a fair trial, is gone, and without the right to a fair trial, you have no rights at all.

“Of course some would argue that the NDAA only targets enemies of the United States, as if this somehow would make it ok, but that defense doesn’t hold water. (And by the way the NDAA does apply to U.S. citizens.)

“It doesn’t matter who the law claims to target, and it doesn’t matter under what conditions the politicians claim it can be used. If you don’t have the right to a lawyer, and you don’t get your day in court, and if the government isn’t even obligated to disclose the fact that they dragged you from your house in the middle of the night, then who is going to make sure this isn’t abused? The soldiers? The politicians? Come on.

“The power to make someone disappear without a trial is the power to make up any excuse that’s convenient. Evidence is only needed if you have to prove your case in court. That’s why we have courts.

“The protections codified in the constitution were put there for a reason, but at this point it looks very much as if America is going to learn that lesson the hard way.

“Land of the free right?

“You can put your hand over your heart and celebrate something that no longer exists, or you can be honest with yourself.

“That might be a bit painful. No one wants to believe that their kids are going to live under a military dictatorship. No one wants to see this coming. So most people put their head in the sand.

“Those who don’t, always start with one question: What can we do?

“The first thing you need to understand here is that our problem is psychological not material. You have the means to take your power. And you don’t need a set of specific instructions. You don’t need someone to hold your hand and explain your role. You don’t need someone to give you permission. What you need, is to turn off your tv, turn off your radio, put down the ipad, and ask yourself if you’re going to be able to look your grandchildren in the eyes and tell them honestly that you did everything in your power to turn this around.

“Are you going to push this out of your mind because it’s uncomfortable, or are you going convert that discomfort into a driving force?

“I’ll tell you this much: If that thought itches in the minds of enough people we’ll figure out a way to scratch it, and If that driven feeling is fully established in your heart, you’ll find a way to make it spread.

“If you want a practical starting point to take action on the NDAA get in contact with the guys at *People Against the NDAA*. Dan Johnson (the founder) is one of those driven people who are making a difference.


– See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/patriot-act–ndaa/the-ndaa-explained-in-3-minutes.html#sthash.8lStVIPG.dpuf

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