Global Satellite Survey Reveals Covert Climate Warming Agenda 

The vast toxic aerosol contamination of our breathable atmosphere is a planetary emergency beyond the ability of most people to accept.

NASA Worldview SatellieThe past several days of Worldview satellite assessments leaves no doubt that earth’s climate is under intense modification by millions of tons per day of aerosols dumped over land and sea in both hemispheres.

The evidence is overwhelming and demonstrates a deliberate attempt to disrupt and warm the climate with a focus on increased deployment of dark aerosols in an attempt to raise surface temperatures in the arctic and antarctic ice-cap regions.

This survey effectively dispels any notion that aerosols (aka chemtrails) are sprayed as a covert, albeit benevolent attempt at Solar Radiation Management (SRM) to mitigate climate change.

We can rationally speculate that these drastic measures have been deployed in an attempt to salvage the failing IPCC global warming models, now causing respected climate scientists to abandon ship to join an increasingly long list  of IPCC skeptics.

The highly public retirement of the HAARP, ionospheric heater facility signaled the end of one experimental weapons system and the beginning of a new, global network of radio and radar transmitter facilities now networked around the planet.

Ionospheric heater network map revised 11-4-2013

Repeated Observations Can Not be Denied:

The Worldview survey has revealed electromagnetic (EMAG) radio wave sources in several islands in the Atlantic (Azores) and Pacific oceans designed to interact with the planetary distribution of conductive aerosols in order to modify the climate.

Perpetrators of Covert Climate Engineering Are Put on Notice:

The discovery and ongoing reporting of this terrorist operation will effectively remove any hiding place by governments and perpetrators who expected that plausible deniability could dupe the victims of eco-terrorism into regarding catastrophic weather events as mere “acts of nature” –  or events to be blamed on the consequences of climate change brought about by increased levels of CO2.

The rise in planetary CO2 might well be explained by the hundreds of aircraft required to spray millions of tons per day of metallic aerosols into the troposphere around the entire planet for the past 15 years.

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