Climate Engineering Using Chemtrails Intensifies Global Warming and Climate Chaos

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Comment: The anonymous author of this article presumes that chemtrails are intended as solar radiation management (SRM) to mitigate global warming/climate change.  However, the evidence is far more robust that chemtrails, artificial clouds and electromagnetic transmitters are intended as eco-weapons to destabilize and deliberately warm surface temperatures.  With no way to communicate or post comments at the SON website, we can only guess the author is attempting to appeal to loyal followers of the dubious IPCC modeling forecasts.

Let’s be clear – Military weaponization of the climate is firmly documented in HR-2977 where “chemtrails” is defined as an “exotic weapon” – not SRM to mitigate global warming. The USAF document “USAF-Owning-the-Weather-in-2025” expresses an explicit military agenda to use the climate as a weapon. (More)


Climate Engineering Using Chemtrails and HAARP Intensifies Global Climate Change
Posted on July 4, 2014 by State of the Nation 2014

GLOBAL WARMING Is Reaching An Environmental Tipping Point

The position of this essay on the Global Warming issue is unequivocal; therefore, we highly recommend a complete reading especially for those who have their doubts.  The deleterious effects of Geoengineering via Chemtrails and HAARP on the weather patterns and regional climate trends around the globe is now conclusive and inarguable .  Look closely at all the destruction that Global Warming has inflicted on both cityscapes and landscapes alike.  The damage wrought by unrelenting Global Climate Change is becoming so severe and ubiquitous that many of the wars and armed conflicts across the planet are occurring as a direct result.  *** Continue

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