Save America Foundation Joins the Battle Against Geoengineering

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My most sincere thanks to the Save America Foundation for their courage in joining the most critical fight against global climate engineering. The complete derailment of Earth’s climate and life support systems is continuing to pick up momentum. Though there are many causes of damage to our planet, stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) and solar radiation management (SRM) are the greatest assault against the biosphere of all. As groups like the Save America Foundation join the ranks , we get ever closer to reaching critical mass of public awareness in regard to the lethal climate engineering crimes. Again, our thanks to SAF for the courage they are showing by facing the horrifically destructive global climate modification issue.



CHEMTRAILS:  I am so sick of people trying to debunk what to me is the most important issue of today.  It is called Geo-Engineering or as some know it, chemtrails.  America, the Save America Foundation is refusing to stay out of this any longer.  They are killing us daily, they are spraying heavy metals and chemicals into the atmosphere daily and the effects are huge increases in Alzheimers , strokes, ADD, cancers, blood diseases and death just to name a few.

Paul St JohnPaul St John

G.Edward GriffinG.Edward Griffin

Sheriff Richard MackSheriff Richard Mack

Under the direction of SAF Director Paul St. John, and aided by such people as Sheriff Richard Mack, author G. Edward Griffin, whistle blower and former USAF service woman Kristan Meghan,  several noted and respected scientists and also several laboratories that are accredited correctly to test samples of water and soil, we are pushing the Geo-Engineering initiative starting in Pinellas County, Florida, our home base.

The SAF is assembling 100 activists to help us get the word out.  We need your help for this.  Then, aided by the Brady Bill, won by Sheriff Mack which gives the County Sheriff total authority on all crimes in the county he controls, from the center of the earth to outer space above his county, we will go to the County Sheriff of Pinellas County with all the evidence we have, backed up with real and not contrived science, and present the evidence of the crimes being perpetrated upon the citizens of his county in the form of toxins being sprayed down upon them by federal agents and the USAF along with contracted pilots, and demand, as is our right, that he investigate the crime as is his sworn duty.  The proven and very real evidence, much of which we are in possession of now, will be presented to him through a small, very credible and select group which will include Sheriff Richard Mack who represents his organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs Association and their many members, scientists etc.

It is intended at this stage to give the sheriff 30 days to begin or to announce the beginning of that investigation and if he fails to perform his sworn duty correctly, which is to investigate crimes upon and reported by his citizens, the activists will announce further actions which will include protesting outside the Sheriffs headquarters.  The plan is for this local sheriff to investigate the very real evidence we will be supplying and to order, should his real investigation so reveal these crimes, a total ban on spraying these poisons anywhere over his county.  This will mean that the local county sheriff will have to be extremely brave as he will face the wrath of the federal government and their agents, with the threats, no doubt, of discontinued funding for certain projects he may want, but he took an oath and we, the people who elected him, will expect nothing less than that duty to be performed, regardless to outside pressures.  After all, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a friend and a member of this foundation from Maricopa County, was asked by a group of about 100 of his citizens to investigate the real possibility that Obama was a fraud.  He entered the investigation firmly believing what Obama had told everyone as regards his birth certificate etc, but upon really investigating the crime, found that Obama had lied, the certificate was a forgery, the forger is almost within his grip and his evidence has been shown and is continuing to be outed. That is an example of a Sheriff doing the job he was elected for and we hope that the local sheriff here, when presented with the evidence, will act correctly and be loyal to both his Oath and his citizens.

I have linked a video below from a person aiding this initiative, Kristan Meghan, a whistle blower and former USAF servicewoman.  Please watch it, it is short, but should make you begin to believe and want to get involved should you be a doubter or think we are just a bunch of conspiracy theorists. 

We will also be placing that link on the SAF Face Book page making it easier for you all to share.  Go to it and hit the like and share button and get it out to all your social media.

If you are in the Pinellas County of Florida, and you want to become involved, please contact us here at the Foundation with your contact details using the Contact Us tab and supply us with your name and good contact information.  Do this for yourselves, your kids, grand kids etc as well as for the earth which is very sick due to these acts of violence and madness against we the people.

Here is the video I mentioned above

Please America and especially right now residents of Pinellas County, take this serious, get involved and active and lets make this something we can win.  You all ask me what can we do?  This is it America and it is winnable. Lets stop the genocide NOW!

In Liberty

Save America Foundation Fred Brownbill

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