A quick chemwatch +Something different in the vapor

A quick chemwatch. I was out running errands this morning. While I was out I made note of an interesting chemtrail configuration. Short but lingering trails mostly, as if spray had been turned on and off. They formed several intersecting crossings. It gave me the impression that vectors were being drawn in the sky. Now, 1:00 PM, the “vector marks” are gone but there are swirling gossamer clouds, some quite expansive, dotting the sky. The translucent fibrous texture of these clouds is a strong indication that they are artificial. And our abnormal rain pattern continues. Showers pop up almost daily, alternating with periods of sunshine in the same day. Plus it rains almost every night. This much rain is not typical here this time of year. There have been so many atypically half rainy and half sunny days it suggest tampering; as if someone were trying to manufacture the same meteorological day over and over again.

At six the gossamer clouds have melted into a homogenized pale sky. Sparse clouds,  mostly on the horizons. There was a single vector dash, like the ones I saw this morning and 2 fading white linear clouds that had probably been distinct lines like the former. Interesting, in close proximity to this distinct chemtrail segment flew a plane at approximately the same altitude. It left a trail but the trail did not linger the way the dash lingers. Something different was in the vapor output of the two planes. One was emitting a substance that the other was not.


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