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Clinton and Bush’s counter-terror czar – Richard Clarke – is the guy whocreated the drone assassination program.

Specifically, he was the first person to implement a program to assassinate using drones, when he convinced the government to arm surveillance drones to try to kill Bin Laden.

Even Clarke thinks that Obama administration’s drone program has gone way too far:

They were targeting people in so-called signature strikes, when a place look like a terrorist camp. And they were able, after looking at that place for days on end, to satisfy themselves that it was a terrorist camp. Thenthey attacked that camp without knowing, frankly, the names of the people who were there. The result was, collateral damage. We don’t know how much. There are widely varying estimates of the number of innocent people who have been killed in each of these cases. But, we do know that innocent people were killed. As recently as the attack in Yemen at the end of last year that blew up a wedding. When you do things like that, you cause enemies for the United States that will last for generations. All of these innocent people that you kill have brothers and sisters and tribe — tribal relations. Many of them were not opposed to the United States prior to some one of their friends or relatives being killed. Then, sometimes, they cross over not only to being opposed to the United States, but by being willing to pick up arms and become a terrorist against the United States. So you may actually be creating terrorists rather thaneliminating them by using this program in the wrong way.

We’ve noted for years that killing people when you don’t know who they arecreates more terrorists than it kills.


It’s also a  war crime (more here and here).

Even the ARCHITECT of the Drone Assassination Program Saya Obama Has Gone Too Far … “Creating Terrorists Rather Than Eliminating Them” wasoriginally published on Washington’s Blog