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UFOs – Sources of Mystery and Disaster

Originally posted on Hidden Agendas:
SuspectSky Published on 27 May 2014 UFO sightings near disasters is not a new phenomenon, they have been recorded for thousands of years by all the peoples of the world. Recently however, strange objects – whether they are UFO orbs, ET vehicles, government drones, or something else entirely – have…

What the Hell Happened to the Liberals?

Here’s a Good Answer The rise of the liberal aristocracy and the decline of America  Undernews Sam Smith 2001 Future historians seeking to discover why America so easily surrendered its democratic traditions and constitutional government in 2001 will find plenty to study in the rise of a liberal aristocracy that became increasingly disinterested in such values. […]

Anyone Who Questions the Powers-That-Be May Be Labelled a “Terrorist”

Government Treated Peaceful Boycott As Terrorism  Washington’s Blog The Partnership for Civil Justice (a public interest legal organization which the Washington Post called “the constitutional sheriffs for a new protest generation”) reported this week that the Obama administrationtreated a peaceful boycott as a terrorist threat: 4,000 pages [of documents] obtained by the Partnership for Civil Justice […]

The ARCHITECT of the Drone Assassination Program: ‘Obama Has Gone Too Far’

Top Counter-Terror Chief Slams Drone Assassination Program Washington’s Blog Clinton and Bush’s counter-terror czar – Richard Clarke – is the guy whocreated the drone assassination program. Specifically, he was the first person to implement a program to assassinate using drones, when he convinced the government to arm surveillance drones to try to kill Bin Laden. Even Clarke thinks […]