19-Month-Old Toddler in Critical Condition After Cops Throw Flash Bang Grenade into Playpen

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 1.24.59 PMJust in case you aren’t already convinced that the “war on drugs” is the biggest waste of time, energy, and money imaginable, perhaps the following tragic tale will push you over the edge. This story touches on several very important themes that I highlight quite often on this site. Specifically, it demonstrates the dangers of the militarization of the U.S. police force, combined with the increased use of SWAT raids on homes of Americans who in many cases have committed non-violent offenses and victimless “crimes.”

One of the most shocking statistics I have come across in this regard is the fact that there are now 50,000 SWAT raids happening annually in America. Many of these are in response to minor “crimes,” if you can even call them that, and provide the police with the opportunity to play warrior cop. Earlier this year, I highlighted the disturbing video of a SWAT raid in Iowa in which the cops were going after credit card fraud. Last year, I highlighted a SWAT raid against an organic farm in Texas. Is this Afghanistan, or a supposedly free country?

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