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Aerospace Worker: “I Installed Chemtrails Devices” 5/12/2014 – English Subtitles

#MondayDemonstrations Navigation: Home Back More videos like this The Term, “Monday Demonstration” Refers to the Peaceful Grassroots Demonstrations in East Germany in 1989, Which Finally Led to the Fall of the Wall ForbiddenKnowledgeTV Alexandra Bruce May 26, 2014 At the Monday Demonstration in Dresden on May 12, 2014, a man came forward during the open-mic […]

How Obamacare Will Screw Black Doctors

Daniela Drake   By tying doctor pay to patient satisfaction scores, Obamacare’s “pay for performance” system is going to disproportionately hurt minority doctors. Here’s why. Imagine that you’re an optimistic third-year medical student walking into the ER. Your first patient says to you, “I don’t want any niggers touching me.” There you are in your […]

Global Warming and Geo-engineering

Behind the Geoengineering Curtain – Taking the Bait Warming Oceans, Warming Planet, The Bottom Line     Dane Wigington Taking The Bait The planet is in full blown meltdown and even now the spin masters have successfully triggered a new “global cooling” mob. It seems that if Al Gore is a hypocrite (and he is), […]

Seeing the Eye

THIS is NOT a COINCIDENCE (compilation)

Net Neutrality [RAP NEWS 25]

The basis of mass mind control

Serbian Scientists Blames HAARP for Record Floods

Scientist, Velimir Abramovic claims HAARP caused record floods Note: HAARP is being dismantled because the Air Force has found alternate ways to control the Ionosphere (Weather). (Source) Related story:  Satellite Captures Tesla Aerosol Weather Modification in the Azores (Source) Wednesday, 21 May 2014 “Today the HAARP system was turned off, expect eartquakes in the next several days”, stated […]